Sulzer Pumps

Sulzer Sewage and Wastewater Pumps

The Sulzer water pump range includes the popular Robusta for small sumps and flooded cellars, Coronada stainless steel submersible drainage pumps, Piranha with its shredding system for sewage systems and the MF range of submersible pumps with vortex impeller, having large free passage for excellent solids handling. 

For applications below the sewer level there is a range of Sulzer lifting stations such as the Sanimax a compact unit for hot or cold wastewater, Piranhamat which connects behind the WC and Sanimat as well as the Sanisett and Synconta prefabricated pumping stations.

For assistance with product selection, Pump repairs and genuine Sulzer spares please call us on 0800 689 0841

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