GRUNDFOS KP 250-AV-1 (Tube float)

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Product Overview

GRUNDFOS KP 250-AV-1 submersible drainage pumps suitable for temporary as well as permanent free-standing installation. The pumps are suitable for installation in a collecting tank.

Features and benefits

• Hermetically-sealed stator house

• Automatic or manual operation

• Installed as a permanent or portable pump

Technical data

Flow, Q: max. 65 gpm

Head, H: max. 32 ft

Liquid temp.: 32°F to 122°F

Particle size: max. 0.4”

Material: Stainless Steel


KP-250-AV -1 complete with 5 metres of mains cable and level switch

Applications The pumps are suitable for:

Rain water, drainage and untreated wastewater containing solids no larger than 0.4” from households, farms, and small industry.

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