Grundfos MAGNA1 25-80 (180) - Replacement for UPS 25-80 (180)

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Product Overview
The Grundfos MAGNA 25-80 (180) 240V are inline circulating pumps. It comes complete with electronically controlled motors that are based on permanent magnet (PM) and stator technology. They are designed for circulating liquids in a wide range of light commercial and commercial applications

The Grundfos range of glandless heating circulators has changed. Older style circulators (UPS models) have been

withdrawn to comply with EU legislation and were recently replaced by the MAGNA1.

Heating systems

Air conditioning and cooling systems

Domestic water systems

Ground-source heat pump systems

Solar heating systems

These pumps can offer the perfect solution in a refurbishment situation where you need to replace a Grundfos UPS product.


The pump is designed for circulating liquids in heating systems with variable flows where it is desirable to optimise the settings of the pump duty point, thus reducing energy costs.

-Proportional pressure control
-Constant pressure control
-Constant curve/constant speed duty
-No external motor protection required
-Insulating shells are supplied with single head pumps for heating systems

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12 May 2017
Suitable replacement for WILO, Yonos MAXO 25/0.5-7, 1 phase, Thread, Pipe connection G 1 1/2, L=180mm