Waste Water Lifting Stations

Lifting Stations

When you need to pump waste water from a room below the sewer level or without easy access to the 100mm soil pipe then a lifting station is probably the answer.

Ranging from small compact units such as the Sulzer Sanimax, for installation behind a wash basin for kitchens, laundry rooms or office tea rooms; behind the toilet macerator units such as the Sulzer Piranhamat and DAB Genix; Sanisett and Nirolift units that can be installed under the floor, to larger one or two pump systems such as the Sulzer Sanimat or KSB Mini-Compacta.

If you need to pump very hot water such as from a commercial dishwasher then the Sulzer Sanimax MF Hot water lifting station is ideal for the job, handling water temperatures of up to 90 degrees celcius.

The diagram shows how different Sulzer lifting stations might be utilised in the home.